Do you know the difference between branding and marketing? (Maybe. Maybe not.)

Do you care? (Maybe. Maybe not.)

You should definitely care!

Branding and marketing are not the same, but they are often confused or lumped together. We’ve come across 2 really concise explanations of the differences. Let’s start with a picture:

Difference between branding and marketing


Based on this graphic, you can see that marketing is you actively promoting your product. Branding is something else – it’s your company’s reputation. Everything you do influences the impression people have about you and your company – every personal interaction, every email you send, the look and personality of your website, the way the phone is answered. Most importantly, how you follow through on promises impacts what people think of you. Everything you do influences your brand.

The second really concise explanation of the difference between branding and marketing comes from MicroArts, a branding agency out of New Hampshire. They say:

The difference between marketing and branding is like the difference between the moon and the sun. The sun is the source of all light, life, and warmth. It makes the trees grow and the flowers bloom. It is the reason we are all here. That’s your brand.


The moon is an attractive rock that orbits the planet and reflects the light of the sun. That’s marketing. Get it right, and your customers will understand instantly why they should value your brand over your competitors. Get it wrong, and you could end up strengthening your competitors’ brands.  


(Read the rest of the article here.)

Our next post will be about what you can do to strengthen your brand. The first step is to clarify why you do what you do. Get a head start by thinking about these questions:

  • Why did you start your business?
  • Why do you want to help this specific group of people?
  • Why does it matter that these things get done?

Try to formulate a brief answer for each – feel free to think, leave it, and come back later or another day. You can have multiple answers.