Build a New eBid Campaign that Includes the Initial Email


Simplify your process: Build a campaign that will send the initial proposal email to your client AND schedule follow up emails at the same time! This video will teach you how to make an eBid campaign that includes the initial email.

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Make an eBid campaign that includes the initial email (step-by-step instructions)


Step 1 –┬áCopy the “Basic 5-day Campaign”

For the new campaign, we build off the “Basic 5-day Campaign”. We need to┬ámake a copy of the “Basic 5-day” so that we can customize it.

Go to SETTINGS –> MISC –> eBID CAMPAIGNS –> select “Basic 5-day Campaign” –> tap/click CUSTOMIZE and confirm you want to make a copy of the campaign

Step 2 – Rename the copy

Now we need to edit the copied campaign and give it a snazzy new name!

Select “Basic 5-day Campaign copy” –> tap/click EDIT –> and give the campaign a new name

Step 3 – Add the initial Proposal email to the campaign

We want to use the email quick text for the body of this email. The video shows you how we accessed that text, copied it, and pasted it into a new campaign email. To make things easier, you can copy and paste directly from here.

Tap/Click NEW ITEM –> fill in this information:

Topic = Initial email;

Send on Day = 1;

Subject = Your Proposal

Copy the email in the gray box below and paste it into the email body –> edit the email if you want –> tap/click DONE to save your work

Dear <%= ClientFirstName %>,

Thank you so much for considering <%= CompanyName %> for your painting project. We realize our industry is competitive and we appreciate this opportunity to earn your business. With <%= CompanyName %> you can be assured that the project will be done right the first time without hidden charges or hassles.

Your quote can be viewed by going to the following link: <%= ReportLink %>

Please look it over and let us know how you would like to proceed.


<%= OwnerName %>

<%= CompanyPhone %>

<%= CompanyEmail %>