Use a Picture to Connect the Real-life You with the Paper Version

We talk with a lot of people who say they really like to spend time with their clients – that’s how they make an impression. You’re right: new clients will remember your personality and the impression they have from your visit.

Maybe you’ll hand them a paper proposal when you leave; or you’ll take some time to put the proposal together before you email it. Either way, unless you’re moving in, you can’t be with your client 24-7 until they accept your bid. All they have of you is an email or a piece of paper. And chances are they’re getting more than one quote for work. So how can you connect your memorable personality with your bid for work?

 Simple. Use a picture.

The PEP Guru supplied this example, which is obvious because his picture is on it! The PEP Guru supplied this example, which is obvious because his picture is on it!


You take pictures for the estimates you make, right? Pictures help you recall the details of a space and help you keep track of which areas go with which jobs. They make your estimate more accurate and help you prepare for the job. Well, the same is true for your bids. Turn the camera on yourself and put your picture on the bid. When your client goes back to look at the bid a couple days later, there will be no question about whose bid they’re looking at.


Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  1. Get ready for your close-up. You want your clients to be able to see and recognize your face. If you have multiple team members who might go out to make an estimate, you can include one group shot of your team. Just make sure the faces are clear. (Oh, and no sunglasses!)
  2. Keep it professional. Cell phones take great pics, which makes this easy. But don’t use a picture from last weekend’s tailgate party. Choose (or take) a picture in which you look like the person your clients will meet.
  3. Say cheese! Smiling faces get the best results! Emoji 5


BTW, if you’ve gone to the trouble of taking pictures of the client’s project, use them to personalize the proposal you give to your client. That little detail has a big impact on closing rates. We all like to feel that we’re working with people who really care about us and our priorities. Include pictures on the proposal demonstrates your attention to detail.