Estimate an Accent Wall

When you enter measurements for an interior room, PEP can use that to calculate the surface area of four walls. If one of the walls needs to be a different color, you’ll want to calculate the labor and materials correctly.


How to Estimate an Accent Wall


Step 1: Setup the Area

  1. Select a client and a job
  2. Make a new area
  3. Enter your basic measurements (i.e. 16’ x 20’ x 9’)
  4. Get ready to add items

TIP: Make yourself an “Accent Wall form” for quick calculations. Use Favorite Items to build auto-calculating forms!


This Accent Wall form (example) has 2 line items:

  • Line 1: Main Wall
  • Line 2: Accent Wall


Step 2: Calculate and Subtract Square Footage

Both lines are automatically calculating at the full wall square footage. You need to subtract the accent wall from the main wall by giving the program a negative measurement.
Note: If you have an open floor plan with only 3 walls, you’ll want to do the same thing.


  1. In the Main Wall line, click + LxW
  2. Enter the (negative)  measurements of the accent wall (i.e. -16 L x 9 W)
    Reminder: negative x negative = Positive (i.e. -16 x -9 = 144 so PEP would add square footage rather than subtract it).
  3. In the Accent Wall line, enter a 0 in the yellow square footage box
  4. Click + LxW
  5. Enter the (positive) measurements of the accent wall (i.e. 16’ L x 9’ W)
  6. Click SAVE to push the items onto the estimate.
  7. Indicate the color each item should be by using the SET COLORS tab (i.e. Main Wall: Tan; Accent Wall: Yellow)
  8. Go back to the ESTIMATING tab and click ADD ITEMS to put other details of the room on the estimate.
    TIP: You can use another form to quickly add items (i.e. RES INT Roll Basic form) but remember to delete the Walls line because you already put Walls on the estimate.

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