What is Painting Contractor Estimating Software?

Painting Contractor Estimating Software

Paint contractor estimating software is something that can make a painter’s job much easier. By being able to accurately estimate how much time and paint a job is going to take, contractors can provide accurate estimates, schedule more efficiently, reduce leftover paint, and give the customer a probable duration for the job to be completed. Getting your labor down as far as you can, and saving money on supplies is crucial to running a successful painting business.

Benefits of Using PEP Cloud Painting Contractor Estimating Software

On the business side of things, estimating software such as PEP Cloud helps you keep your costs down and cover all your costs by learning how to estimate painting jobs accurately and consistently.  By being able to input exact measurements without needing to resort to guessing and letting the program do the math, you are assured of the validity of the estimate. Estimating software provides consistent pricing and the same item under the same conditions will cost the same.  The software even has a built-in production rate calculator, to help you accurately estimate if you don’t have the experience to know these rates.

Your customer will be able to see and accept the proposal from wherever they are, making it convenient for them and helping them to justify the price of the job, as well as stay in contact with you. With a professional proposal in an interactive online format, you will be able to educate the client allowing the client to make better decisions since the pricing is transparent and it will be easier to justify the price.

For you, the software will make sure that you have covered all of your costs, so that you don’t have an unpleasant surprise after the proposal is accepted, cutting into your profit. You will also be able to see how all of your jobs are coming along, and if customers have taken a look at, or accepted your proposals, which are legally binding. The nice thing about having cloud-based software is that you will always have a backup in case anything ever happens to your paper copy, or your computer.

For your employees doing the painting, the estimate can be pulled up on the job, in the office, or anywhere else to see exactly what is was quoted and what needs to be done. If more paint needs to be purchased and mixed, your painters will know where to go to get it, and what they need to pick up. Your costs are going to stay consistent since your painters are following a defined process every time.

PEP, LLC presents PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO as the leading edge estimating and business management cloud-based software program designed by a painter, for painting contractors.  PEP Cloud is a strategic business tool that guides you in constructing a professional, legally binding proposal and contract for your clients which is quickly and easily delivered electronically for the convenience of all parties.  PEP Cloud PRO, is designed to aid you in keeping your business organized, allowing you to easily track your jobs and clients, manage your employees, and correctly calculate your fees and expenses of all jobs, so you can achieve consistently the profitability you require.  PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO will help take your business to the next level and demonstrate the professionalism you desire for your company.  Call us to schedule a demonstration of PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO painting management software or sign up here to show you how our PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO painting contractor estimating software works and why it is critically important to do it right for the profitability of your painting business.