Painting Estimates – Essential To Do Right for Painting Contractors

Painting Estimates

Estimating painting jobs accurately and consistently every time is essential for managing and operating a painting business efficiently, effectively, and profitably.  When operating a painting company, it can prove rather difficult to provide an accurate estimate for certain jobs. Perhaps after years of working in the industry, you are able to forecast how much paint you might need for a general size room or how long it might take you to complete the job. However, for larger jobs or when there are variables you are not accustomed to, it can be far from easy to provide any sort of an accurate estimate.

Should you provide an estimate that is far under what the job eventually costs, your customers are not going to be happy and they may ultimately refuse to pay the overage when the job is completed.  Or they may provide a negative review regarding your services through online review websites, which can often be more damaging to the longevity of your business. In order to avoid these situations, you need accurate painting estimates.

In addition, whether you are painting a single room or a four-story office complex, there are multiple aspects of the job you need to account for when determining your estimate. This can also help you when bidding on projects against other companies. If you have an accurate idea of what the job is likely going to cost you, you have the upper hand on bidding against the competition.

What goes into accurate Painting Estimates for all Paint Jobs

With the PEP Cloud software, you have the ability of entering many parameters in order to come up with the final price. You are going to start with the general scope of the job, such as interior or exterior, commercial or residential, partial or all. From there, the software allows you to input client requirements of the job. This constitutes timing, due dates, and other variables where you need to complete the task by a set deadline. With a set deadline, you might need to bring on additional help, which adds to the estimate. This also moves right into the labor element of the PEP Cloud programming. Based on the job, square footage, and time requirements, you will know how much labor you need and it is included in the painting estimates.

Now, you might already account for this basic information, although without the right software, it is easy to make a mathematical error. PEP Cloud also takes into account the areas and items to be painted, materials needed, the kind of paint, if scaffolding is required, plus any sort of preparatory work needed, such as sanding, scraping, caulking or priming. Priming paint surfaces is often required so that there is adhesion between new and old surfaces.  In fact, during your evaluation of the paint job, it is very important to perform an adhesion test to determine if the items to be painted are sound. We take a piece of duck tape, rub it onto the surface to be tested and use a razor to pull off the duct tape.  You shouldn’t pull off any paint but if it does come off, then putting another layer of paint on this surface will cause it comes off in sheets and the paint job won’t last.  This of course, must be included in the cost and preparatory work required to paint the surface.

PEP, LLC presents PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO as the leading edge estimating and business management cloud-based software program designed by a painter, for painting contractors.  PEP Cloud is a strategic business tool that guides you in constructing a professional, legally binding proposal and contract for your clients which is quickly and easily delivered electronically for the convenience of all parties.  PEP Cloud PRO, is designed to aid you in keeping your business organized, allowing you to easily track your jobs and clients, manage your employees, and correctly calculate your fees and expenses of all jobs, so you can achieve consistently the profitability you require.  PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO will help take your business to the next level and demonstrate the professionalism you desire for your company.  Call us to schedule a demonstration of PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO painting management software or sign up here to show you how to do painting estimates with PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO; and why it is critically important to do it right for the profitability of your painting business.