What is a Painting Proposal Template?

Painting Proposal Template

You work hard, coming home splattered with paint, tired but satisfied that you’ve done a great day’s work and confident that tomorrow will be the same. You check your phone and two clients would like proposals on painting their homes. You could sit with paper and pencil and try to figure out a price or you could use a painting proposal template to help make your life easier. The Painting Proposal Template is just one tool in the full suite of management and painting estimating software included with PEP Cloud Management Software.

As a business owner you know that it takes a lot of tools to get the job done. When you need to accurately estimate a job, templates can help you save time, money and other resources. Using a template helps you order the correct amount of paint, estimate how many hours it will take and lets you know when you will be free for other jobs. This helps you keep your business on track. It also allows you to give the client an accurate bid on any job.  Using template programs, such as included in PEP Cloud, you will be able to create professional proposals, which is so critical to running a profitable painting business and generating an accurate proposal for the end client.

Considerations for what is needed to generate a professional proposal with the PEP Cloud Painting Proposal Template

As a professional, many experienced painters have a pretty good idea of how long a painting job will take and how much product will be used by simply looking at the room or building. But this isn’t always the best way to create a proposal. Most clients like to have a written account of supplies required, time to do the job and any other items needed to complete the job including clean up or set up time. Some items that your template will need for the calculation include:

  • Create the total area to be painted
  • Include the numbers of items to be painted such as doors, windows and ceilings
  • Determine how to paint the items such as by hour, by item, or by square feet
  • Choose the surfaces to be painted such as walls and ceilings; exterior surfaces
  • Method of painting such as brush or sprayer
  • Determine how many coats will be needed for each surface and if primer is needed
  • Choose the products to be used
  • Determine if any special equipment is needed such as scaffolding

The PEP Cloud program takes all this information and prepares the pricing and the proposal for the end client.  The proposal can be delivered via email with a pdf or you can deliver a link to an interactive presentation also known as the PEP Cloud E-Bid.  Using the interactive method, the client will be able to accept and sign the proposal and you will get an email alerting you that the client signed.  You can also get a report on the proposal and see how much time the client spent on the proposal and what pages were reviewed.

Benefits of our painting proposal template:

  • Speed of developing professional proposals
  • Tracking ability once the proposal is with your potential clients
  • Same methodology for consistent pricing
  • Speed of getting the signed proposal

Check out a sample proposal!

PEP, LLC presents PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO as the leading edge estimating and business management cloud-based software program designed by a painter, for painting contractors.  PEP Cloud is a strategic business tool that guides you in constructing a professional, legally binding proposal and contract for your clients which is quickly and easily delivered electronically for the convenience of all parties.  PEP Cloud PRO, is designed to aid you in keeping your business organized, allowing you to easily track your jobs and clients, manage your employees, and correctly calculate your fees and expenses of all jobs, so you can achieve consistently the profitability you require.  PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO will help take your business to the next level and demonstrate the professionalism you desire for your company.  Call us to schedule a demonstration of PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO painting management software or sign up here to show you how to use the painting proposal template with PEP Cloud and PEP Cloud PRO; and why it is critically important to do it right for the profitability of your painting business.