Client Tabs

The Client Tabs organize your client’s information so you can quickly and easily get what you need. Whether you’re looking up a phone number, jotting down a note, creating a task, or sending an email: you can do it all right from the client screen using the Client Tabs.


All relevant client information is stored in the Client Tabs so you can stay organized and quickly access client details. Start by selecting the client from your clients list on the left side of the page. Under the list of jobs (in the center of the page), you’ll see the client tabs.


The Address tab shows all of your client’s contact information. When adding a new client, be sure to enter their address, phone number and email address. The program uses this information when creating proposals and other reports (eBids, invoices, work orders, etc.). It will also automatically pull up the email address when sending an email, proposal or eBid to your client. Click EDIT to make changes or updates to the information.


The Notes tab is for special details to remember about each client that can earn you “brownie points.” For example, a client may prefer to be contacted via text message or doesn’t want you to park on the grass.


Create a reminder to do something for this client using the Tasks tab. Click VIEW >> TASKS from the PEP Cloud menu for a complete list of all your upcoming tasks and due dates.


Tags are a great way to segment your client list. Apply a tag to your client on the Tags tab.


If you use QuickBooks online and have configured the QuickBooks integration into PEP Cloud, you can quickly add the contact using the Quickbooks tab.


The Maps tab provides directions to your client’s location via Google Maps. This is also helpful to know the travel time to the jobsite and amount of gas used.


Pipeline and Calendar users can view your calendar and schedule meetings with a client using the Calendar tab.


You can use the Google tab to create an event directly on your google calendar.


Send your client an email or schedule a campaign using the Emails tab. All scheduled emails will appear on this list.

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