Grouping Items on an eBid or Proposal

Grouping items on an eBid or proposal will cut down on the overall number of line items you present to your customer, which is especially helpful when you’re working on a large project with many rooms.


PEP gives you the option to categorize items and group them together on a single line of your estimate in order to streamline your eBid or proposal. You can assign items to a group when you add them to the estimate, or edit items that already exist.


To assign a group when adding new items to the estimate:

  1. Click ADD ITEMS to the selected area and use one of the pre-built forms (or enter the items manually).
    Note: You will see, each line has a CATEGORIZE icon (it looks like a bulleted list next to the ADD MATERIALS button).
  2. Click the CATEGORIZE icon and enter the name of the group or category into the dropdown menu (i.e. Trim)
    Note: After the group name has been added once, it will be saved to the dropdown menu for future items.
  3. Click SAVE.  


To assign a group after an item has already been added to the estimate:

  1. Select the item and click EDIT
  2. Check the ADVANCED box.
  3. Type the category name into the CATEGORIZE dropdown menu or select from the dropdown menu if it’s a group you’ve labeled before (i.e. Walls & Ceiling)
  4. Click DONE.


You’ll see the items grouped together when you make a proposal for your customer.


To Group Items in Your Proposal:

  1. Select PROPOSAL >> NEW PROPOSAL from the toolbar
  2. Check the ADVANCED box then scroll down to Area Itemization Customizations.
  3. Select from the GROUP LIKE ITEMS dropdown menu (you have two options):
    1. “Use Group Name” will only show the name of the group or category on the proposal.
    2. “Comma List” will list all of the grouped items together on one line, separated by a comma.

Even if you’ve categorized the items, you don’t have to choose to group them together on the proposal. OR you can choose to make grouping items the default. See related videos below.

Note: If you set your preferences to group items on your eBids and templates but neglect to assign categories on the estimate, items will not be grouped.

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