Segment Your Client List

A tag is a short description or a word used to describe a customer or a job for organizational purposes. You can use tags to segment your client list and grab all of your customers in a specific group.


Segmenting: divide your client list based on specific criteria

Tagging customers and jobs gives you the ability to segment your client list. Segmentation allows you to grab all of your customers in a specific group (for example those who had power wash jobs) and reach out to them with a targeted offer.


How to Export a Segmented Job (or Client) List:

  1. Click the ARROW icon below the list of clients >> Export Client List
  2. Check the WITH JOB TAG box (or WITH CLIENT TAG box)
  3. Type the job tag name (or client tag name)
  4. Click EXPORT


Note: For tagging to be effective, you need to take a few minutes to think about how you want to organize your clients and your jobs.


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