How to Use a Form


PEP Cloud has a number of estimating forms ready for you to use. A form is a pre-saved list of items and using a form makes estimating easy and accurate. Use a form to quickly add items to your estimate. You can also make and save your own custom forms, including materials and notes. That makes estimating forms a really powerful tool.


How to Use a Form


After creating a new area for your job, it’s time to add items. Items are the tasks that you will do in an area, like painting walls, ceilings, and trim. You can enter items manually, but it’s faster and easier to use a form.

Select a form from the drop down menu at the top of the ADD ITEMS window.  PEP uses the measurements you provided for the area to automatically calculate the square footage of the walls and ceiling, and the linear footage of the baseboard trim. (If you didn’t enter measurements, you can fill in the square footage and linear footage yourself.) Enter the number of windows and doors, and the amount of time you need to prep the area. If you want PEP to calculate materials, this is where you assign specific materials to each item.


Where do these prices come from?

The items on PEP’s pre-built forms are based on production rates. The pricing is a combination of how much work can be done in 1 hour (that’s the production rate) and the labor pricing you set up in PEP.


 What about materials?

To assign materials, click the + MATERIAL button to the right of an item, select the type of paint you want from the drop down menu, and select the type of surface. You can add multiple materials to the same item.


Now what?

Click SAVE at the bottom of the window. All of these items and materials are now saved to the estimate.

If you need to add more items, click ADD ITEMS at the bottom of the items list. You can add items one at a time, or choose another form.

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