The Email Campaign

An eBid [email] campaign allows you to set up automated emails to your customer, making it easier to follow up.


PEP comes pre-built with one 5-day campaign, or you can make your own, or make multiple campaigns!

Email campaigns can be about anything you want. The pre-loaded campaign has two emails: the first will be delivered 2 days after scheduling the campaign and confirms that your  customer received the proposal. The second email will be delivered 5 days after scheduling the campaign and checks in with your customer, maybe providing some information about your schedule/availability and ask about “closing the deal.” This will make following up on eBids and following up with your customers much easier!


How to set up an eBid Campaign:

  1. Select the client, then the job 
  2. Select eBid under the “Reports” category in the menu on the left side of the page
  3. Click the FOLLOW UP tab
  5. Choose a Campaign from the dropdown menu (i.e. Basic 5-day Campaign)
    Two emails are going to show up on the list (with their scheduled send dates), both currently have “Pending” status: 1- the “proposal” email, 2- the “checking in” email. 
  7. You can pause the status of all the emails by clicking “PAUSE ALL
  8. You can resume status of all the emails by clicking “RESUME ALL
  9. Select one of the emails to make individual edits:
    1. Click EDIT to change the email text
    2. Click PAUSE or RESUME to change the status of just that email


Once your customer accepts or declines the eBid, all “pending” emails in the campaign will automatically go to a “stopped” status. No further emails will be sent from the campaign after the customer accepts or declines the eBid.


To Use an Email Campaign:

  1. Make an estimate
  2. Produce an eBid
  3. Apply the email campaign
  4. Relax

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