Get trained by an expert Рon your schedule!

Choose from Mastering Standard Features or Mastering PRO Features¬†and we’ll schedule you in.

Mastering Standard Features

Part 1
  • 5 Sessions (50 minutes each):

  • 1. Pricing & Setup
  • 2. Production Rates
  • 3. Materials
  • 4. Creating Estimates
  • 5. Proposals
  • A video of your live session is recorded and emailed to you for future reference.
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Mastering PRO Features

Part 2
  • 6 Sessions (50 minutes each):

  • 1. Favorite Items
  • 2. Area Templates Part 1
  • 3. Area Templates Part 2
  • 4. eBid Templates
  • 5. eBids & Analytics
  • 6. Invoicing & Job Tracking
  • A video of your live session is recorded and emailed to you for future reference.
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Custom Training Session

  • 50 minute session to discuss PEP Cloud with an expert. You can see our screen and we can see your screen. A video of your live session is recorded and emailed to you for future reference. After paying for your session, we’ll contact you to schedule your session.

How does it work?

Email us to schedule your first session. Each session is 50 minutes long. After your first session, we schedule your next session. Each session has a specific topic as listed above. During the session you can see our screen and we can see your screen. We show you how to accomplish the tasks and give you an opportunity to do it yourself and ask questions. We record a video of the session and email it to you. You can download the video to save it for as long as needed. You become and expert on the topic.

 What is covered during “Mastering Standard Features” (part 1)?

“Mastering Standard Features” will give you everything you need to know to get PEP Cloud producing estimates and proposals. We show how to tell PEP Cloud how much you normally charge. If you’re not sure, we’ll explain what goes into figuring that out. We cover how to configure your account with your company address, contact info, etc. We discuss the built in production rates and materials. We show you how to customize them to match the production rates that your crews normally achieve and show you how to set the material prices to match the prices that you pay at the store. We also cover how to add additional production rates or materials not already found in PEP Cloud. We go into basic estimating and show you how to bid a job by the hour or by using rates. We explain the process of how estimates are structured in PEP Cloud so that you can match how you currently estimate or expand your estimates to be more thorough. Finally, we explain how to create and deliver a proposal including how to customize it to show or hide information to include as much or as little detail as required.

 What is covered during “Mastering PRO Features” (part 2)?

“Mastering PRO Features” will show you how to use the PRO features to estimate much faster and deliver improved sales presentations so that you can track results and improve your sales closing rate. We show you how to quickly estimate by telling PEP Cloud the tasks you most often perform and what materials are used during those tasks. We explain how to improve estimating speed on multiple levels from the more basic Favorite Items method to the more sophisticated Area Templates method. While Favorite Items are faster to set up, they aren’t as powerful as Area Templates. We demonstrate them both so that you can choose which one is right for you. We cover how to produce an interactive proposal called an eBid. It allows the client to Accept the job and sign the contract right on the spot. The eBid keeps track of every time the client views it and what they look at. We show how to monitor that eBid activity to know which bids need more hand-holding and which bids are closer to being sold. We explain you how to produce different styles of eBid’s in case you want to highlight more relevant information depending on the job. For example, if you’re bidding an exterior job, you might want your eBid to highlight your experience with man-lifts, show pictures of exterior jobs that you’ve done, and include references to jobs where your did exterior work. Where as if the job is interior, you might want to highlight pictures of jobs that show attention to interior detail, family friendliness, and include references to interior jobs. We cover how to deliver an eBid to a client and what to expect throughout the process. Finally, we’ll show you how to send out Invoices through PEP Cloud and keep track of progress on the job. This will allow you to determine if the job is profitable and whether or not your company is meeting its goals.