Pipeline Customizations

A visual representation of your LeadsEstimates, and Work in progress is a huge asset. PEP’s Pipeline feature lets you track your jobs from start to finish.


Click the GEAR icon to the right of the Pipeline to make customizations.

Change the name of the Pipeline and the name of the headings (or Stages).

    • Be careful when renaming the Stages. Because they auto populate, renaming these categories does not change the information that feeds into them. Jobs in the “Booked” stage are going to show up here no matter what name you give the Stage. 
    • If you rename any of the Pipeline categories (or Stages), make sure to use a word that makes it clear what is being displayed.

Add your own Stages to Pipelines.

For example, on the Work Pipeline, if you want to see what jobs you are currently working on.

  1. Click ADD STAGE and name the Stage (i.e. In Progress)
    You can click in the box to drag it where you want it to fall in the Pipeline.
  2. Click DONE
    The new Stage you added will be blue to distinguish it from the default categories.

Note: Blue categories will not auto populate. When you start the actual work on a job, you’ll have to drag the job into the “In Progress” stage. And when the work is complete, you’ll have to drag it to the “Finished” stage.


Other customizations within the Pipelines have to do with what information is displayed. 

  • If you’ve set up multiple users or multiple crews in the calendar, you can sort by User (on the Estimate Pipeline) or by Crew (on the Work Pipeline).
    Select from the User/Crew drop down menu below the Pipeline.
  • You can also adjust the time window for the information displayed.
    Select from the drop down menu to the right of the User/Crew drop down menu.

      • Estimate Pipeline: check out sales for the previous 7 days or past 12 months and increments in between.
      • Work Pipeline: looks forward so you can see what is scheduled for the next 7 days or 12 months and increments in between.

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