Pipelines Overview

When it comes to your business, a visual representation of your Leads, Estimates, and Work in progress is a huge asset. PEP’s Pipeline feature lets you track your jobs from start to finish.


To access your Pipeline, click VIEW >> PIPELINE from the toolbar.

You can toggle between the 2 Pipelines:


Estimate Pipeline

  • When you add a new client to PEP, that client is automatically appears as a LEAD on your Pipeline.
  • Once you begin a job for that client, the client and the job move to the ESTIMATING phase.
  • If you create an eBid or Proposal, the job moves to the PROPOSED phase.
  • When the client accepts or declines an eBid, the job will automatically move to WON or LOST.
  • You can also manually drag items from one phase to another.
    Note: If you submit a Proposal instead of an eBid, this is a quick way to stay on top of the job status.

  • You can access the job itself by clicking the LOOK UP button (magnifying glass icon) next to the client’s name and selecting the job from the list.
    Note: You can also change the status of the job here and it will be reflected on the Pipeline.

  • Under each heading is a tally of the number of jobs and the total amount of money tied up in each phase.

  • Customize the information on the Pipeline by clicking the LOOK UP button (magnifying glass icon) at the top of the Pipelines screen.
    • You can adjust the time interval (3 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, etc)
    • If you have multiple PEP users, you can sort by user.


Work Pipeline – very similar to the Estimate Pipeline

  • When a job is won it automatically shows up in the BOOKED column of the Work Pipeline.
  • Once the job is scheduled on the PEP calendar, the job moves to the SCHEDULED phase.
  • From here you’ll manually move jobs to FINISHED, INVOICED and PAID.
  • Use the LOOK UP button (magnifying glass icon) to sort the Work Pipeline by Crew and to see work in multiple time windows.


When you’re finished with the Pipeline, Click the button with TWO ARROWS pointing towards each other.
This will take you back to whatever screen you were on prior to opening the pipeline.

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