How to Add an Item from the Rate Library

Estimating with Production Rates is the most accurate way to do it because the Production Rate accounts for how long a task should take and your hourly rate. Default Production Rates are based on industry standards.


How does a Production Rate Work?

(1.5 windows/hour) x 3 windows = 2 hours of labor
2 hours x $36/hour = $72


When adding items to your estimate, if you want to use a Production Rate but you don’t see it on your Favorites List, you’ll want to use the Library.
PEP comes pre-loaded with hundreds of Production Rates!


How to Add an Item from the Rate Library:

We will add 6/6 windows to an interior area.

  1. Click USE LIBRARY
  2. Select how you will Charge for the item (i.e. item per hour)
  3. Choose the Rate Category (i.e. Wood and Metal Windows (Fixed))
  4. Select the Rate (i.e. Window – 6/6)
  5. Choose the Method for how to paint (i.e. Brush)
  6. Click APPLY
  7. Enter the number of windows in the ares (i.e. 3)
  8. Click +MATERIAL to add a material you will use (i.e. Really Great Paint)
  9. Click SAVE

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