Increase sales by building customer trust

Building customer trust is key to growing your business.  If customers have a good experience with you, they’ll call you the next time they need a room painted (repeat business – alright!).  They’ll refer your company to friends and family members (new business – awesome!).  And they are more likely to pay on time (bonus!). Customers need to feel like you care about finding the right solution for their problems.  They want to know that you can meet deadlines and stay on budget.  And they want to feel confident that you will be honest with them along the way.  Use these tips to build customer confidence in your company and increase sales: Put your phone number on EVERYTHING! Make it easy for clients – new and existing – to reach you. Give customers your cell phone number. They may never use it, but this tells customers that you’re there if they need you. When quoting a job, itemize the estimate so that customers can see what they’re paying for. Transparency builds confidence. Be accurate with the estimate, both financially and time-wise. Stick to the budget you quoted unless something unexpected pops up in the project.  Customers will lose trust fast if they feel like they’re being nickel-and-dimed.   Be realistic about how long the job will take. Admit mistakes right away and offer immediate solutions. Want to read more about customer trust?  Check out the article “3 Ways to Build Customer Trust” from Entrepreneur Magazine.