Takeoff Estimating Forms

Going completely paperless is appealing, but we understand it’s not for everyone. In fact, many of our longtime PEP users continue to jot notes on paper because they feel they can provide better customer service when they’re not fiddling with a digital device. Everyone’s estimating technique and digital comfort level is different.

That’s why we’ve created PEP’s takeoff estimating forms!


These takeoff estimating forms are specifically designed to line up with PEP’s digital estimating process. With the form as a guide, you’ll be sure to gather all the details you need to build an amazing estimate in PEP.


The interior and exterior takeoff estimating forms are yours to use. Print them and fill them in by hand. Or download them to your tablet and write on them electronically. Or don’t use them at all. They’ll be here if you need them.

Interior Takeoff  Form (click here) 



Exterior Takeoff Form (click here)