Develop your brand – define your company culture

As the owner of a small business, chances are you’re not working standard business hours. You might be going over the books at 5 am on a Tuesday and finalizing estimates on a Saturday night. Do you want to talk to customers then? And do you expect your employees to be available? Remember, your brand is your reputation as a business. The culture you create within your company impacts the impression people have of you. It’s all part of developing a strong brand.

Define your company culture.

Your company culture is the atmosphere, dynamic, and expectations in the workplace.

Not only do clients pick up on the culture, it affects how employees talk about work (and, in turn, what others hear about your company).

  • Are your employees satisfied at work?
  • Do they get along?
  • Do you want to do things as a group outside of work, like play softball or volunteer?
  • When can customers reach you?
  • Is there any time that’s “off limits”?
  • When do you expect employees to be available?

Building a Strong Brand.

You’ve identified your motivations and values, determined your company’s personality, and defined the company culture.

Now, if you’re more than a one-person show, get your employees on board. Everyone on your team has an opportunity to make an impression. Since you’ve taken time to develop your brand, everyone should be promoting the same company vibe (whatever you’ve determine that to be).


Finally, you need to communicate your brand to your audience. Your brand is expressed through the interactions customers have with your company – direct and indirect. That might mean face-to-face contact, an email or phone call, or a visit to your website. Customers might overhear strangers talking about your company at the deli counter or see your work truck driving around town. If you and your team have a clear understanding of the company’s values, personality, and culture, your brand will come across to the public.

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