Estimator Boot Camp – train a new estimator

True or False: It’s easy to teach someone new how to estimate.

You’ve been estimating the same way for years. Your experience lets you walk into a space and tell just by looking how long it should take and how much paint you’ll need. But have you ever tried teaching someone else how to estimate? Someone who doesn’t have your experience? It’s frustrating.

But training a new estimator doesn’t have to be so hard!


What you need is Estimator Boot Camp – basic training for new “recruits” (aka a new estimator).

You’ll probably have a little prep work to do before Boot Camp starts.

1st, set up your procedures. Define the method you want your new estimator to use and write it down step-by-step (just like we’re doing here).

2nd, make measurements part of your procedure. Measurements will give your new estimator some reference points and make his or her estimates more accurate.

3rd, get an easy-to-use estimating tool like PEP Cloud. Again, an estimating tool will take the guesswork out of estimating and help solidify a procedure for the new estimator.

Finally, put your new processes into practice.

Define your process, use measurements, use an estimating tool, use your process – these actions work together to standardize how you build estimates and makes it MUCH easier to teach others how to use your process. And now for the fun part!

Introducing [your name here]’s
Estimator boot campNEW RECRUITS WILL LEARN


Discipline (to stick to the procedures)

Tools (all that you need to make an accurate estimate)

Drill (practice!)


Now is a great time to hold your own ESTIMATOR BOOT CAMP.  You’ll have a new estimator trained in no time and ready to deploy when your season picks up.

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