PEP Cloud is now optimized for your smart phone!

The pace that technology is advancing in our everyday lives is amazing.  You can pretty much do everything with a single device: a smart phone.  It’s your morning alarm clock and your appointment calendar.  It gives you the news, sports scores, weather reports.  You can instantly get directions to a new client’s home (and real time step-by-step guidance to get there).  The app on your phone will even tell you how long it should take you to get to your destination with current traffic conditions.  Once you get there, your smart phone is the only electronic device you need to create an estimate, produce the eBid, and get the client’s signature of acceptance.  AMAZING!

Although the smart phone screen is smaller than a tablet or desktop, it’s easy to use PEP Cloud.  It’s been optimized to fit on the screen without having to scroll right and left.  The program automatically recognizes that you’re using a smart phone, so you don’t have to do anything special.

Mobile contactsCLIENTS LIST:  Because you’re using a smart phone, you can call a client simply by tapping on his or her name and then tapping the phone number.

Mobile job detailsJOB DETAILS:  Turn your phone sideways on this screen for more details.

The mobile version also makes use of your phone’s touch-screen gestures.  You can tap the back button or arrow to go back to the previous page or you can swipe your finger across the screen from left to right!

All your Dashboard information is available too.  Just tap HOME, turn your phone sideways (wide view), and scroll down.  This feature makes it easy to keep up with your eBids and follow up with clients when you’re not in the office.

Mobile stats 2

* Oh yeah, you can use your smart phone to make phone calls too.