Introducing the PEP Guru and PEP Academy

If you’ve ever tried to teach someone how to estimate you know how hard it is.  So much goes into a good estimate, it’s often easier to just do it yourself than to train someone else.  Well, PEP Cloud has an exciting new feature that will make training faster and easier, letting you delegate some of the estimating responsibilities, thus freeing up your time.

Introducing PEP Academy!

It’s now easier than ever to train members of your team on the art of estimating.  PEP Academy is an interactive training program lead by the newest member of the PEP Cloud Team – the PEP Guru.

Guru Help screen


The PEP Guru walks you through the steps of creating an estimate in PEP Cloud without a template: how to add areas, how to add materials using the common items feature (Favorite Items), and how to produce a proposal.  When not leading PEP Academy, the PEP Guru hangs out in the Help area, so he’s always around when you have a question.


Check out the new PEP Academy for yourself.  It takes less than 10 minutes.  If you’re a PEP regular, you won’t need the first few steps to show you where things are on the home page, but once you get past creating a client things get a lot more exciting.  You’ll see how easy PEP Academy makes it to learn the basics of estimating.

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