Job Site Safety

The exterior painting season in New England is in full swing.  We are so eager to dig into all of this exterior work, but it’s important to make sure we aren’t sending our employees into the field unprepared.  We’re going to share a few easy safety measures that everyone on your team should take.  Here we go:

Respirators – Just because you’re outside doesn’t mean you’ll breathe fresh air.  Respirators should be worn when sanding, spraying, and working with chemicals that produce fumes.  And if you suffer from outdoor allergies, a respirator will help protect you from all this pollen!  There are many options available; choose a respirator based on the hazards you and your crew are exposed to.  Do a respirator fit test to make sure everyone is good-to-go.

Note:  Respirators may need to be replaced more than once a year.  Check them regularly!

Ear protection – Again, being outside doesn’t mean that loud noises are less loud.  We sometimes forget the noise of our equipment, the radio, area traffic.  Continual exposure to loud noises can cause permanent damage to the ear drums.  Year from now, when you are retired and enjoying your favorite music or sporting event, you’ll appreciate that you can still hear it!  Wear ear protection every day.

Safety Glasses – Now-a-days you can look cool in tinted safety glasses, which not only protect your eyes from flying debris, they also protect from the sun’s harmful rays.

Note:  Don’t forget the sunscreen and protective clothing.

Off-the-Ground Safety – When you get to a job site, locate the power lines around the house and make sure everyone is aware of them.  Make sure everyone on your crew knows and adheres to your company’s safety regulations regarding ladders, man-lifts, scaffolding, and harnesses.

Having basic safety precautions and procedures in place will help to protect your crew.  It’s also financially responsible for the company:  a safe work environment = low instances of workplace injury and workman’s comp claims.  Make safety a priority, train your crew, and get out there!

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