Millennial Values


Do attitudes of the (younger) people you’re interviewing have you concerned?  Their approach maybe different than yours (or mine) but it doesn’t mean they are poor workers.  While the younger generation gets a bad rap for being lazy, entitled and glued to their cell phones, they now make up the majority of the labor force.

Millennial values are quickly changing the workplace and here’s why:

Work with a purpose

Millennials want their work to have meaning or purpose.  They seek to make a difference from day one and look to utilize their talents and strengths in order to do what they do best and have a direct impact on the organization.

Work-life balance

Personal time is at the heart of Millennial values.  They want to be able to decide when and where they work in order to maximize their time for family, friends and extra curricular activities.


Millennials are comfortable with new technologies, looking to them to be more efficient at work and provide the flexibility they crave.


Independence is important to Millennials, but they also want consistent communication with managers, ongoing feedback and collaborative goal setting.  Frequent check-ins offer informal day-to-day performance evaluations and the autonomy they prefer.


Millennial values might differ from those of previous generations but the desire to be successful and impactful in their careers may be stronger than ever!