Optimized Products

Extend Your Season with Optimized Products

It’s so nice to work outside:  breathe fresh air, feel the sun, and hear Mother Nature in the background (especially if you work in the country like I do).  But not all days are sunny, with the perfect temperature for paint to dry, and not every side of the house is in the shade.  It’s important to select the right products for the environment in which you are working (think about temperature and moisture level).  Fortunately, paint technology has improved.  There are now many different products on the market to address the variety of conditions out there.  I have found that in my region, Sherwin-Williams’ Duration and Benjamin Moore’s Aura paint work well.

 SW Duration                      BM Aura

Both of these products offer excellent moisture control and can be applied at 40 degrees – this is a big deal in New England.

Do your research.  Find products optimized for your needs.  Your local paint rep is a great resource.  Gone are the days of postponing work because of morning dew or a cold night.  Technological advances make it possible to extend the exterior painting season through the humid summer months and longer into the cold weather.

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