Organize Your Estimate by Areas

A couple weeks ago I wrote about the problems with multitasking and how we can all be more productive if we focus on one task at a time. (Check out that post here.) Now that I’m hyper-aware of multitasking I see it everywhere! We do a lot of multitasking when we estimate a new job. Taking measurements, noting details about each part of the job, remember things the client said are important. It’s easy to overlook something or miscalculate. Which is why I am making this suggestion: Organize your Estimate by Areas.

Whether you’re working on an interior or an exterior, your methods are probably similar from one space in the job to the next. In an effort to save time, it is tempting multitask and estimate the “whole job” at once. This is a mistake. Although it may take a few extra seconds to divide up the estimate, organizing your estimate by areas is actually faster because you focus on one space at a time. And if you use an estimating tool like PEP Cloud, you don’t have to add every item individually or do any other calculations.


Watch this video about using areas in PEP Cloud.

Need more reasons to organize your estimate by areas?

More DetailedOrganize your estimate by areas

Details remind you how much work needs to happen in a space. Some spaces are simple; others are complicated. Repainting white walls is easy. But if your task is to repaint navy walls a light shade, that’s another story. Organize your estimate by areas to track which spaces require repairs, special techniques, unique/expensive materials, and extra time.

Better organized

When you organize your estimate by areas, you’re less likely to overlook costly details.

Organize your estimate by areas

More Accurate

Isn’t it good to feel confident that you’re going to make a profit on a new job? That confidence comes from building accurate estimates. Organize your estimate by areas to accurately record what work needs to be done in each space, how long it will take, and what materials you need.

Better Customer Service

When you organize your estimate by areas, your client can see what’s going to happen in each area and feel confident with your attention to detail. It makes clients more likely to choose you to do the work.


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  1. Excellent article! I use Areas on PEP Cloud all the time to break down an estimate into a line-by-line, room by room, or area by area for the customers. Much easier that way and the copy feature works great.
    What’s the status on the email follow-up campaign feature in PEP Cloud? Is it active now? Keep up the great work.


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