Your business is growing.  Awesome!  You need help, but you’re not ready to hire someone.  What to do?  There are business services available which will help you grow and fill roles without the burden of hiring new people.  Check out a few short-term solutions to bridge the gap:

Help in the Office

Telephone answering service – Phone calls to your company will be answered by a real person and messages can be sent to you by text or email.

Bookkeeping service – If keeping up with the accounting is too much, look for a bookkeeping service to manage accounts receivable (payment to your company), accounts payable (bills your company has to pay), balancing the company checkbook, and payroll.

 Website and Advertising Help

So much happens online these days.  A service like Yodle ( can build and manage a website for you, set up a Facebook page, create advertising, and help you attract new business.  (Yodle is just one option; there are many others out there!)

Help with Painting (grunt work)

Join PDCA – PDCA members are often willing to share a painter with a fellow member to complete a big job.

Local Employment Services – In Hartford, CT, we have an American Job Center office.  These offices are nationwide, so there’s probably one in your area.  Check it out here: (this is also a great resource when you’re ready to look for a new employee).