Spring is in the air! – Part 1

Spring is in the air, and the crew can’t wait to work outside again!

It has been a long winter. The phones are starting to ring off the hook as our customers begin to inspect their homes and see winter damage from ice and snow.

Here are 7 ways to spring into action.

1. Communication: I just came back from the PDCA Expo 2015 in Charleston, SC, where there was a lot of communication going on. One of the topics of concern was the level of communication between the crew and the office.  As the estimator goes to meet with the client and learn about all of their painting needs, important information can be lost between that conversation and what the crew needs to know about the job. That lack of communication may cause a crew to backtrack or perform tasks out of order, causing loss of profit and additional time on that job. The solution is to produce a work order that will give your crew an account of all the areas and all of the items in any given area.

Using the PEP Cloud Pro estimating program, I am able to tell our crew the actual type of surface they are working on, the level of prep to that surface, the number of coats to apply, the color and amount of product to purchase, and I can display an actual picture of the area or item. The program also allows for notes  to explain or to define the task at hand. The work order is well-organized and assists the crew in tracking the time spent performing each task, giving them a road map to the success for completing this job on time. In doing so, we have been able to cut down our punch list and even eliminate it completely on most jobs.

2. Renewing certifications: For all of the painters and companies that were certified for EPA LeadSafe, it is time to take that refresher course and brush up on your knowledge and techniques again before you find yourself working on a project with a home built before 1978. Unless you can prove that it is not lead paint, protect yourself and your customers.

3. Advertise for painters: if you have not already done so!
The buzz at PDCA was that 2015 is a promising year, so let’s get ready. Be descriptive in your advertising to let new applicants know who you are looking for. Explain who you are, what your company’s policies are, and what opportunities you can offer them. Let them tell you what they can contribute, and make sure it is a good fit.


Stay tuned to hear the last four! 

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