Spring is in the air! – Part 2

The sun is out, the snow is melting, and the crew can’t wait to work outside again!

Last week we sent you the first three ways for you to help jump start your business for the spring season! We hope you were able to take some of those suggestions and put them to work for your business.

Here are the last four suggestions we have:

4. Dust off your training manual – new employees will need training and our trainers will need a plan of action. Don’t just put new employees out in the field and expect your crew to train and produce when they are trying to keep the job on track. Have an action plan in place and set aside training time to make this happen.

5. Safety first, so inspect the outside equipment that has been sitting in the shop all winter. Ladders might need to have new rope installed, the dogs might need to be oiled so they catch the rungs. Make sure the dogs are straight, because if they hang off the back of the truck too far, they might have gotten bent when your driver unexpectedly backed into something. Check out your tie downs and ladder racks as well. Test-run the power washers and spray equipment if that has been sitting unused for any length of time, and if you forgot to add an additive to the gas tank, you might want to change the gas in those machines.

6. Marketing: If you have not started marketing for exterior work, get the word out!  Offer your customers a walk around the property to see if anything needs touching up. If they only need touch ups, offer them a painter for the day rate, and if it looks like there is more work, then that gives them an idea of what areas need attention so they can budget for it. They might not have the eye you have in finding problems early and taking care of them before they become bigger problems.

7. Use an eBid (electronic bid)! Go estimate, and when you send out those proposals, make sure you represent your company well. There is nothing quite like a great presentation to help you show off your talented crew and their ability to provide the best job every customer deserves. Let your customers know you are confident enough to do the job right!

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