Where do your leads come from?

You spend money on advertising in a variety of places.  Do you know which ads are worth your money?  PEP Cloud makes it easy to find out.  Ask new contacts how they heard about your company.  When adding the contact as a new client, record how you met that client in the “Lead Source” field.  You can type the source however you want, but you need to be consistent so that the system can accurately track your sources.  If another client sends a new contact your way, you might categorize that lead as REFERRAL, or WORD OF MOUTH, or VERBAL.  They all mean the same thing, so pick one and use it.  If your information gets to people by mail in 2 different sources, you want to categorize them separately – perhaps FLYER and LOCAL MAILER.

The lead statistics are available right on your PEP Cloud Dashboard.  Just below your sales data is a pie chart showing your leads.  Different views are available by changing the time increment at the top of the Dashboard.  If you pay for ads or mailers quarterly, you probably want to look at a 3 month view.

Dashboard leads

The chart quickly shows you where your leads are coming from.  Use that information to make decisions about future advertising.  If one source is really productive, you might want to focus your energies there.  If one source isn’t producing new clients, you can consider eliminating it and trying something different.