Track eBid Status

Know the status of your bids with the PEP Cloud eBid Dashboard.

How many emails did you send yesterday?  How about last week?  It was probably a lot.  You’ve probably also got a number of proposals and eBids in the works.  The eBid tab on the Dashboard is your go-to place to keep an eye on pending jobs.  It shows all the eBids you’ve produced in the selected time frame (1 week, 3 weeks, 1 month, 3 months, Year).

eBid stats

eBids are color coded so you can quickly see the status:  GREEN for accepted jobs, PURPLE if the client has looked at it, YELLOW if it’s never been opened, and RED for declined.  If you sent a bid last week and it hasn’t been viewed by the client, you know that you need to call and follow up.  Likewise, when you see a bid is accepted, you can contact the client and schedule the job!

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