Connect the Dots Memories:

Use Pictures to Make Your Bid the One Clients Accept


Quick – how do each of these pictures make you feel?

Use Pictures - Holidays          Use Pictures - Relaxed          Use Pictures - Cozy

We all know the impact a picture can have – more so than words alone and much faster. Pictures trigger memories of vacations, birthdays, and everyday moments and the emotions associated with those moments. The human brain is designed to interpret images. Think about it: babies recognize people and objects before they can speak and long before they can read.


When it comes to selling your service, you’re smart to use pictures because it’s a way to connect with your clients. We’ve already talked about making your bid memorable by including a picture of yourself or your team (read that post here). But when you get to the meat of the bid, don’t rely on text and numbers alone. Give your clients something they can actually connect with on an emotional level. Put pictures of their spaces front and center.

eBid with Picture


People care about their families/pets/belongings. When you use pictures, you convey to the clients that you care about the things they care about. Getting customers to feel that connection really makes your bid stand out.


The pictures don’t have to be prize-worthy. Smart phones and tablets have excellent cameras built-in and are super convenient. You can quickly snap a few pics while you’re walking through the space with your clients.


Here are a few tips on how to use pictures effectively:

  •  Use pictures that are in focus.
  • Use pictures that are in color. This is no problem when you produce an electronic bid. If you are old-school and like to give your customers a paper bid, best to print in color.
  • Use pictures that are recognizable. These photos serve 2 purposes: they help you and your crew to remember important details AND they sell your bid to clients. So while a detailed image of the crown molding may be valuable to you, be sure to include an image of the larger space also. You need clients to recognize that space as their own. Don’t avoid personal items in the pics.



Here’s a short video on how to add pictures to a PEP Cloud estimate. Click here to watch the video. Enjoy!