The Best Gift for You and Your Clients

It’s great when you find 1 tool can do a multiple tasks. Take the Swiss Army knife. It’s a pocket knife, scissors, file, bottle-opener, screw driver, pliers, the list goes on. Well, today we’re talking about the Swiss Army knife of business tools: the drip email campaign.

Drip email campaign

For YOU: The gift of freedom and work guilt-free.

Don’t get bogged down with the chore of constantly following up (or tracking down) your customers. Drip email campaigns will take care of the task while you go about your day.


For CLIENTS: Attentive customer service.

Staying in touch with your customers requires very little effort. Use a drip email campaign to send an automated set of emails based on specific timelines or user actions (that you setup). Drip emails are sent out from a queue of already-written emails so you don’t have to manually write each one. They can be personalized with your contact’s name, company info, etc. using merge fields. It’s a way to develop a relationship with your customers by nurturing them with information a little bit at a time.



Great question. PEP Users just have to engage a “Follow Up” sequence after creating an eBid. Even if you don’t use PEP, there are oodles of services available. Do a quick internet search for “drip email tool” to see what I mean.


But HOW?

Oh, that kind of how. A while back we outlined how to create your own drip email campaign (click here to read that post). In a nutshell:

  1. Decide who you’re writing to – your audience. New/potential clients, power-wash customers, customers who are more than a year old, customers with multiple properties, etc.
  2. Map out a timeline of when you want emails to send.
  3. Compose the messages.

As you can see, it’s not rocket science. Making a drip campaign just takes a little planning.



We’ll teach you how to make a drip email campaign! (w/ videos!)

Stay tuned because we’ll be posting a series of videos to actually walk you through generating a variety of drip email campaigns. Step-by-step process and sample text that you can use for your emails. (WOW!)