End-of-Summer Woes

If you have school-age or college-age kids, back-to-school is an exciting time of year.  But if you run a business and you employed college students through the summer, this may be a stressful time of year.  With a couple more months of good weather before the cold really sets in, you may need to hire a new employee!  Back in April we did a series of blogs about increasing your workforce.  If you find yourself short-handed now, you may want to check these out!

Tips for Increasing Your Workforce:

Part 1 – generating a job description (/tips-for-increasing-your-workforce-part-1/)

Part 2 – how to write a job posting so that you attract quality applicants (/tips-for-increasing-your-workforce-part-2/)

Part 3 – tips on conducting interviews that will lead you to the best candidate (/tips-for-increasing-your-workforce-part-3/)

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