What?  It’s October already?!  As the busy summer season winds down, you can promote your services (and increase sales) by offering deals (discounts) that make customers feel like they’re getting a big bang for their buck (perceived value).  Back in August we blogged about how you can use special offers to get customers to book early (see Prepare for Winter – Don’t Wait!).  With that in mind, we thought you might be curious about why offers work.  Understanding the consumer psychology can help you come up with offers that customers will connect with.

Discounts for no reason are bad, but discounts for a good reason are good!

An item or service discounted for no reason suggests to customers that the item/service is a lower quality than a non-discounted item/service.  BUT, customers are quick to change their opinion if they see a reason for the discount.

Seasonal/Holiday discounts are good.

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More is better.  (Offering free stuff increases perceived value.)

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Discounts for bundling increase perceived value.

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Pre-paid discounts are good too.

Prepay your invoice in full and take an additional 10% off!  Call now for your free estimate and get on the schedule. 

To sum up, using discounts is a great way to increase sales by increasing the value customers feel like they’re getting.