Do you ever wonder if there are clients that you forgot to follow-up with?


I want you to think about your process of following up with customers. It might look something like this:

  1. Provide customer with bid.
  2. Reach out to customer 3 days later to see if they have questions.
  3. Reach out to customer again 4 days later and try to get them to commit


See any problems with this process?

See anything wrong?

There’s a lot of room for human error. You might get busy, or sick, or have jury duty. You might just lose track of time you miss the outreach deadlines. Weeks may go by. New clients have no loyalty to you yet. This break-down in your process leaves them vulnerable to more attentive competitors.


Good News:

You can solve this problem with a little automation. And the automation tools you need to fix your customer follow-up process already exist in PEP!


3 Customer Follow-up Processes You can Easily Automate Right Now


You can set up a “Thank You” message when you send the eBid. Down the road, when your client accepts, she’ll automatically receive an email from you saying Thanks (and whatever else you want to include in the message). She knows her project is important to you because you responded right away, even on a weekend. Way to go!

Click here for a video tutorial on enabling the Thank You feature and how to make it a standard part of your eBid.

Thank You info



Use an automated customer follow-up campaign to solve the problem of remembering to touch base with clients after you send them an eBid. Just set it and forget it. Your customer will receive the emails in the campaign sequence automatically.

Follow-Up Campaign Info



Some customers love to play What If. What if you don’t paint the trim? What if I strip the wallpaper myself? Well guess what: you can put your client in the driver’s seat with the Pick & Choose automation. It gives customers the ability to manipulate the bid and answer their own questions rather than having to wait for you to make updates.

Check out Pick & Choose


Don’t let customers fall through the cracks. And don’t lose sleep worrying about whether you forgot to follow up with someone. Automate your customer follow-up process and relax!