What Do Customers Really Want?

Last time we gave you important tips on how to be professional when dealing with customers. Today, we’re going to offer you a little insight to what customers really want from you… It’s probably not what you think!

What do your customers really want?

Without customers, your business would fall apart so their experience needs to be a major focus. Acting in a professional manner is top on the list for keeping your customers happy. How you dress, speak and behave are extremely important. While instant gratification has become ubiquitous in today’s world, many people are still choosing quality and experience over fast, cheap service. So give customers more of what they really want! 


How to Provide What Customers Really Want…


Communicate quickly, clearly and often.

Communicate quickly, clearly and often.

Clear communication ensures you’re always meeting your customers’ expectations. Technology plays a big role in communication today with everything at your fingertips (phone, email and social media, etc). Making yourself constantly available (within reason) is one thing customers really want; many have expressed it as being important when choosing one business over another. We’ve talked about how PEP can help with automating your email communication but setting up an automated chat function on your website is another way to stay in touch with customers during “off hours.” You can also set alerts on your phone when a customer asks a question (via email or social media) to help respond quickly.

Choose quality over speed.

Choose quality over speed.

While efficiency is something your business should strive for, delivering a quality product or service will ultimately please your customers the most. Skimping on quality in the beginning will make it harder to deliver down the road. If you choose quality from the beginning, speed with happen naturally.

Share your knowledge.

Share your knowledge.

Customers rely on expert advice. As a business owner, you have a lot of valuable knowledge and experience that customers trust so it’s important to get your information out there, whether on your website, social media, a blog, whatever! Share previous projects, frequently asked questions, or trouble shoot situations with your customers. They will appreciate the time you dedicate for one-on-one communication.


Personalize the experience.

Personalize the customer experience.

Customers really want a personalized experience. Make recommendations based on their specific needs or interests. This might be easier said than done but it’s possible to customize parts of your website based on information collected from a customer’s previous visit. By studying how often and how long people visit certain pages of your website, can help you personalize the experience for each customer.


While it’s not always easy to pinpoint what your customers really want, focusing on a quality experience will  provide them with peace of mind, confidence, and trust in choosing you over your competitors, which is extremely valuable in growing your business. Instead of focusing on fast, cheap service, delivering a great experience will keep your customers coming back for more!

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